Tired of flies? Create a "no-flyzone" with the Flybucket.

11 May 2022
It’s flyseason! flies are a real plague for horses and livestock. AKROH has developed the flybucket 12 liters with attractant to prevent nuisance of flies in the stables.
This product is safe and easy to use to catch all sorts of flies.

How does the flybucket work?
Fill the 12 liter bucket with 6 liter water. Empty 240 grams of attractant into the water and stir the water with the attractant vigorously so everything is blended very well. Close the bucket with the supplied lid and the attractant will do the work.
When the dusk falls, flies will look for a place to sleep. In their search for the perfect place to sleep, they will be attracted by the attractant in the flybucket. They will enter through one of the six spouts. Once they are in the bucket, they can’t find their way out.
The attractant stays active for 30 to 60 days. Once the effect of the attractant is elaborated, or the bucket is full of flies, it’s easy to empty the bucket and to re-use it.
How to create a a no-flyzone?
For the best result we recommend to create a no-flyzone around the stables. To create a no-flyzone, use multiple flybuckets 10 to 15 meters around the stables and 15 meters between each bucket. Place the bucket 1,5 meters of the ground. It’s important to hang the bucket outside because flies are attracted to the attractant. This way, you will create a no-flyzone.
The reach of the bucket with attractant is around 200 to 300 m2. It will take 24- 28 hours for the attractant to activate. After 24 hours the attractant is activated.
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