The history of AKROH Industries dates back to 1956 when Arend Horst founded a small business in ladies-garment, caps and hats. In the seventies he switched from the unpredictable fashion industry to the more stable equestrian sector. Part of the product range consisted of equestrian helmets. Arend Horst imported the plastic shells required for these helmets from France. Towards the end of the seventies he decided  to produce the plastic shells himself by using the vacuum forming technique. In the early eighties the demand became so high the injection moulding technique was introduced in the company. With this technique, larger quantities could be produced against relative low labor costs.

In the years after this development, the company grew until it became an international operation. Grandson Arend-Jan Horst has been running AKROH Industries since 2011. AKROH Industries develops and produces a large range of plastic and webbing products in-house. These products are exported worldwide to more than fifty countries.
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