The power of promotional products

19 October 2022

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The power of  promotional productsFeed scoop 01 bedrukt

Handing out promotional products such as a bucket with a name and/or company logo ensures more brand awareness. Practical promotional products have the advantage that they are used and are therefore a value to the user. It also has great value to the company that gives these articlesaway; you are (almost) daily in the picture. That's exactly what you want if you want to advertise your business.


Since the invention of the printing press, promotional products have become popular. After the first books were printed, posters and newspapers soon followed. The first buttons were printed in 1898. At that time, all means were used to gain votes and popularity. People are happy with things they receive for free. This not only increases brand awareness, it also gives a feeling of gratitude and connection with sales as a result.

More engagement

The brand awareness and the connection are especially increased when the product is usable, such as a bucket to feed the horses. Or a milk apron that can be worn both during milking and during cleaning. The owners of these useful products have a higher engagement rate and are more likely to remain loyal to the company they use promotional tools from.

Promotional products

AKROH has the perfect promotional products. Nice to give away at trade fairs or to promote the organization. We have buckets, tool boxes, a fly-flap, calf coats, milk aprons and many more useful promotional products. All these products can be printed with your own logo and/or text. Which promotional products do you choose?

Sustainable gifts

Today, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important concept in the world. Customers will appreciate it when you think about the environment by giving a sustainable gift. At AKROH it is therefore also possible to obtain products from recycled material. Ask for the possibilities!
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