More space with AKROH's toolbox

08 June 2022
Specially designed to save more space  in the barn or storage. AKROH designed a stackable toolbox. The product is stackable in two ways. When the toolboxes are not used, It's easy to slide them together to save more space. When they are used, it’s easy to stack them on top of each other to save space around the product. The toolboxes are designed with very strong and durable materials for a long lifespan. The perfect gift for the handyman.

Own production

The toolboxes are manufactured in our own company in Zwolle the Netherlands. They are made with the injection moulding technique. Because of the production in our own company, it's easy to control the quality of the product. For this reason we provide the best quality with the best prizes. The toolboxes are not only available in black, blue, white or anthracite, There are more colors available to match with your preferred style. Interested in color customization? E-mail to

Custom made product with your company logo

AKROH’s toolbox is a very nice give away for relations. This product is customizable in color, name of the company an the logo of the company. We can print the logo on both sides on the toolboxes. This product is very special because of it’s stack ability. This toolbox is a really nice to have and very durable. 

Prevent the tools from dirt with AKROH’s toolbox lid.

The lid for the toolbox was specially designed to fit the AKROH toolbox perfectly. The lid prevents dirt from going into the toolbox. Therefore the lid ensures a better lifespan for the tools stored in the toolbox. It’s possible to personalize the lid of the toolbox with your own printed logo. A logo made by injection molding is also possible.
Do you want more information or e a personal offer? Please call +31 (0)38 467 45 00 or send an e-mail to
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