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Privacy statement AKROH Industries B.V.
Your privacy is very important to us at AKROH Industries BV. We use your personal details exclusively to manage your account and to deliver our services to you. We highly value the protection, confidentiality and integrity of your personal details. This privacy statement explains which personal details we collect whenever you use our products and services, why we need these details and how we use these details.

Our services
As a producer, AKROH Industries offers plastic and webbing products and corresponding services. This privacy statement applies to these services/products and the related platforms.

Which personal details are collected?
We need certain personal details to offer the best service possible and to inform you about our products and services, for example for the purpose of invoicing and delivery.
Whenever you use any of the services of AKROH Industries B.V., we process the following details:
  • First name and last name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Address;
  • Company name;

How do we use your personal details?
We exclusively use your personal details for the purposes for which they are collected, and, whenever applicable, to fulfill legal obligations. We use your personal details for the following purposes:
  • Execution of the agreements. We process your personal details to deliver the services and products of your choice.
  • Customer contact and communication. We use your details to communicate with you about our products and services via email or phone. In this way you receive invoices and we can keep you up to date about your order.
  • Safety, protection and settlement of disputes. We use your personal details to guarantee the safety, integrity and protection of our services, products and customers. In case it might be required, we can use your details to settle disputes, to compel living up to agreements made with you, to compel our rights against third parties, or to protect ourselves against claims or assertions of third parties.
  • Legal obligations. We can process your details to comply with legal obligations, for example to keep record in an administration to comply with legit requests of authorized authorities (for example the police and justice).
  • Improvement and personalising of our services and products. We use your personal details to improve our services and products. Insight in click behaviour and search results on our website for example can help us to optimise our services and products.
  • Maintenance, development and management of incidents. In case you experience problems with one of our products and services we might need to process your personal details to get to a solution. We process your personal details also for some internal operational processes, for example if we transfer customers’ data to a new database.
  • Execution of general business processes, internal management and management reporting. To be able to execute our business activities, we use your personal details for general business processes.

Who do we share your personal details with?
We share your personal details with third parties such as transportation companies, depending on the services you require. We share your details:
  • To an extent which is required to execute our business activities, to offer our services and products and make partner-services possible. In this situation it is for example a matter of being able to execute certain transports and to communicate about our products and services;
  • In cases in which you explicitly give us permission to do so;
  • When we are legitimate requested in the context of law enforcement, for example for research concerning illegal practices;
  • To, in the occurring event, maintain our agreement with you. If, for example, you have not paid for a product or service, we can share your details with a debt collection agency;
  • To compel our rights to third parties or to protect ourselves against claims or assertions of third parties;
  • To guarantee the safety, integrity and protection of our products and services.
The activity of sharing details within the company exclusively happens to benefit our company activities, our service to you and as described in this privacy statement.

Where are your personal details processed?
Your personal details are mainly processed by our personnel in our office in Zwolle, The Netherlands.
To the extent that we share personal details with countries outside the European Union or an international organisation, we closely observe that this exclusively happens to countries and organisations which guarantee an appropriate protection of your details and rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or if this is otherwise allowed by GDPR.

For how long do we store your personal details?
We store your personal details exclusively for the time for which they are necessary for the purposes for which they are collected or are used and/or for the duration for which it is legally required.
In case you want your details to be removed, we ask you to contact our office. After your request we will remove your personal details without unnecessary delay, excluding information we are lawfully obliged to keep. We are for example lawfully obliged to maintain data like copies of invoices for the duration of seven year.

Lawful foundation for the processing of personal details
We collect and process your personal details exclusively if we have a lawful foundation. The following foundations are applicable:
  • The processing is necessary for the execution of your agreement;
  • The processing is necessary for the benefit of our justifiable company interests, for example i) to be able to execute our business activities; ii) for the benefit of certain types of direct marketing and profiling; iii) to archive your account information in order for you to be able to (re)activate this on a later moment; iv) to track and prevent fraud or misuse of our products or services; or v) to benefit the security of our network and systems;
  • The processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligations, like the obligation to keep administrative data or to share certain information on order of the police for criminal investigation;
  • When you explicitly provided us permission for a processing, for example to share data with partners for commercial purposes.
When the adjustment is based on permission, you always have the right to withdraw your permission. In that case we will end the according processing of your data. The withdrawal of the permission does not change the legality of the processing based on the permission before the withdrawal.

Questions and complaints
If you have questions about the manner in which we use your personal details, you can contact our office. If you feel that a problem is not sufficiently addressed, you have the right to file a complaint at the Dutch data protection authority.
Responsible entity
AKROH Industries B.V. produces plastic and webbing products, located in Zwolle, Ampèrestraat 6, 8013 NP, Zwolle and registered at the Commercial Register with number 533 28 116. The decisions concerning the goals and means of the processing of personal details in principle take place at AKROH Industries B.V. AKROH Industries B.V. acts as the party responsible for the processing of the personal details.
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